Past Press Releases

09/06/2016The LGL Group, Inc. Announces Acquisition of New Product Line Assets
08/10/2016The LGL Group, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results
05/12/2016MtronPTI Introduces a Line of Ultra Low Jitter VCXO – XO7013
05/12/2016The LGL Group, Inc. Reports Q1 2016 Financial Results
05/11/2016MtronPTI Introduces Low G-Sensitivity OCXO with Vibration Compensation
03/24/2016The LGL Group, Inc. Reports Full Year and Q4 2015 Financial Results
02/26/2016LGL Group Announces Suspension of Warrants from Trading and Commencement of NYSE MKT Delisting Procedures
02/01/2016MtronPTI Introduces New Oscillators
11/11/2015The LGL Group, Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results
10/26/2015MtronPTI Collaborates with Microsemi to Introduce Ultra-low Jitter Quad Output Oscillator
09/22/2015LGL Announces Addition of Michael V. Horn as Corporate Director of Quality for MtronPTI
08/13/2015The LGL Group, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results
05/13/2015The LGL Group, Inc. Reports Q1 2015 Financial Results
05/05/2015MtronPTI Introduces Ultra-Low Jitter Products
04/21/2015LGL Promotes Patti Smith to Chief Financial Officer
04/02/2015The LGL Group, Inc. Reports Full Year and Q4 2014 Financial Results
03/10/2015LGL Announces Change in Senior Leadership
02/24/2015LGL Announces Addition of Param Nampoothiri as Director of Product Marketing for MtronPTI
02/09/2015LGL Announces Addition of Senior Engineer, Roger Paulsen, to Spectrum Control Group at MtronPTI
12/17/2014MtronPTI Increases Capacity for Mobile and Airborne Internet